Bitcoin Has Been “Under-Owned” One of Institutional Investors says Dan Morehead

Bitcoin Has Been "Under-Owned" One of Institutional Investors says Dan Morehead

In a recent interview with CNBC, the Pantera Capital founder appeared unfazed by the recent crash in the cryptocurrency markets, stating "We are certainly aware it's a really insecure market," including, "It's volatile on the upside. It can be volatile on the downside."
When asked of his opinion of the increasing regulation of the cryptocurrency world, Mr. Morehead stated, "It's a fantastic thing, I believe the U.S. regulatory bodies also have done a superb job [...] the [Commodities Futures Trading Commission] was very innovative about this... the [Securities and Exchange Commission] has [...] generally let the markets to develop." "There is such an institutional appetite to get exposure to theparticular," said Morehead, "It's a half-a-trillion-dollar asset class that nobody possesses. That is a pretty wild circumstance," explained Mr. Morehead.

Morehead Welcomes Cryptocurrency Regulations

Pantera Capital started its very first cryptocurrency fund and was founded in 2003. Pantera Capital is spent in a number of leading cryptocurrency ventures, including Bitstamp Xapo, and Bitpesa. The CEO and creator of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, recently told media that bitcoin has been "under-owned" by institutional shareholders despite high need for cryptocurrency vulnerability. Mr. Morehead also called bitcoin to generate bullish price movements in coming weeks. Have to compute your bitcoin holdings? Mr. Morehead predicts that the purchase price of bitcoin will start to recover in coming months, stating, "Typically, [bitcoin] has had on ordinary a 71-day keep market, and we are 52 days into this. It looks like another couple of months and everything will be regular and [bitcoin] will start growing back up again." Mr. Morehead also noted "We've experienced a 64% fall from the peak to the trough a couple of days past, and that is actually the average decline from the bitcoin markets within the previous seven bear market cycles."

Institutional Crypto Exposure Low Though High Demand

Pantera Bullish on Bitcoin

Do you believe bitcoin is likely to recoup in coming months? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Mr. Morehead blamed bitcoin's wild price activity to the lack of institutional investment in the cryptocurrency economy, stating "bitcoin is that nevertheless so under-owned by institutional investors it deals at its own defeat." Pantera Capital's CEO suggested that despite widespread demand for cryptocurrency vulnerability, bitcoin has been "under-owned" by institutional investors, hinting that need from large players could push prices up soon. The Pantera CEO also noticed that the "rate" of regulation has "thus far has been really good," concluding that "A bit more regulation is probably useful." Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock, Pantera Capital, Wikipedia Economics

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