Bitfury Strengthens its Focus On Software Development

Bitfury Strengthens its Focus on Software Development

Source: Among the products is a blockchain tool for law enforcement that the Crystal analytics platform and financial institutions. Another is through which Bitfury created the world blockchain land-registry system in Georgia -- that the Exonum platform -- an open minded blockchain frame for governments and businesses. Additionally, Allied system of trading to get auctioning of property has been moved into the Exonum blockchain. However, Bitfury is mostly going to keep on enlarging their products,"producing new directions for growth," as such too are anticipated to"create a very practical part," starting this year, Petrov said. "We already have three goods completed," the CIO said,"and also some of them exist as separate companies." Furthermore, Bitfury intends a geographic expansion, as new, still undisclosed deals, will probably likely be"coming soon." View the interview under: Bitfury's blockchain services are operated together with by the AI division. [embedded material ] Even though the cryptocurrency mining-related company generates huge profit, full-service blockchain technology team, Bitfury, intends to expand their applications product portfolio, Alex Petrov, the Chief Information Officer of the business, said. Discussing with during the Baltic HoneyBadger 2019 Bitcoin seminar in Riga, Petrov shared the company's plans, describing the center of the company includes the mining operations and the mining equipment design, which create a lot of profit, even though he didn't state how much. View the latest reports by Block TV.