BitMEX at Upcoming to Showcase Power of the Lightning Network of Bitcoin Crypto Conference

BitMEX to Showcase Power of Bitcoin's Lightning Network in Upcoming Crypto Conference

The Lightning Conference announced that it might be working with BitMEX Research to make the concept today: Start #stackingsats now so that you are able to get your caffeine fix at #TLC2019 ⚡️ Apparently, those supporting The Lightning Conference are keen to show to big block Bitcoin naysayers like Ver that the cryptocurrency can indeed be used for payments via additional layers such as the Lightning Network. Cups of coffee throughout the event will come with a satoshi's price. That's about $0.000083, in the time of writing. Despite the recent downturn in the price of Bitcoin after trading over $10,000 for so long, the unbelievably low cost implies that the choice to charge to get a coffee in The Lightning Conference 2019 is about making a quick buck and more on showcasing the exact usefulness of the technology.

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The choice to showcase the efficacy of the Lightning Network in The Lightning Seminar by purchasing coffee appears to be an amusing reference to earlier remarks by Bitcoin (BTC) proponent switched Bitcoin Cash cheerleader Roger Ver. During the discussions over Bitcoin scaling that would finally resolve in the Bitcoin Cash challenging fork during the summer of 2017, Ver contended that Bitcoin's block size limit produces a fee marketplace which, with increased use of their digital currency, could render it totally useless for smaller payments, such as buying a cup of java. Helping the event will be their Bitcoin derivatives exchange BitMEX's research department. The effort seems to establish that Bitcoin can indeed be used to create tiny payments.
Released at Mon, 07 Oct 2019 20:00:30 +0000