Ethereum Classic to Accelerate’Greater Collaboration’ with Ethereum

Ethereum Classic to Accelerate'Greater Collaboration' with Ethereum

Also, there was the large scale update by the name of Metropolis introduced from the roadmap of the first Ethereum at 2015, but following many delays, it had been broken down into Byzantium and Constantinople. In accordance with ETC, Atlantis adopts Ethereum's Byzantium routine upgrade on ETC.. ETC currently ranks at the 18th place by total market capitalization, with USD 927 million. ETC price is up by more than 2% in the previous 24 hours, down by 13% in the previous week but still up by 40% in the last month. After a telephone on June 7, Ethereum Classic confirmed:"It's consented, Atlantis (ECIP-1054) should first prove to be stable enough to both Kotti and Morden testnets before moving it to ETC mainnet at obstruct 8.5M."
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ETC price graph: The use of this Atlantis hard disk, a major upgrade to this Ethereum Classic(ETC) blockchain, is being accelerated. The testing of this upgrade to get the blockchain system is now scheduled in under two weeks rather than early August, while mainnet activation can follow six weeks after.
Published at Mon, 10 Jun 2019 15:21:17 +0000 The goal of the major upgrade is to raise the performance and stability of Ethereum Classic, which endured a 51% attack in January this year, while also increasing the interoperability using the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, in order"to promote increased cooperation between the sibling blockchains." As a reminder, Ethereum Classic was created after a tough fork of the original Ethereum blockchain at 2016. As these upgrades were already implemented on the Ethereum system, this means that"Ethereum Classic can raise compatibility using Ethereum. Our team is committed to greater cooperation across chains", explains Shane Jonas, a member of this ETC Labs Core Development team.