FANG Stocks for Pummeled by Escalating DOJ Antitrust Probes

FANG Stocks for Pummeled from Escalating DOJ Antitrust Probes

Because this issue is going to take a year or two longer to resolve, FANG stocks are going to be under stress for quite some time. Just look at what happened to Time Warner's graph during the antitrust case. Time Warner soared to $107 on the deal announcement and then fell 20 percent to $86 before heading out at about $95. Even then, but it does not really matter. Donald Trump is following something : stop the censorship. The DOJ probe is entirely political. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been censoring conservatives. There's some great news. Selecting up FANG stocks in a 30% discount to the current price is going to be a bargain. We are just not there yet.
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Donald Trump Goes Full Pitbull

That's why the possible end to such probes are going to be a settlement with the government which includes that mandate. The press didn't get it. Investors in Twitter stocks, and also Google, Facebook dropped down. Now they'll pay. Donald Trump can move the market using one tweet. Look at what's happened when he tweets about the trade war.

After is a Coincidence, Twice Is a Pattern

He did so for one reason: to penalize CNN. The nearly-irrelevant"fake news" network has long been the main target of Donald Trump's scorn. He wishes to put the kibosh on this before the election cycle strikes in. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are only those of the writer and don't represent those of, nor if they are credited to, CCN. Expect the same thing. FANG stocks will pick up in volatility rather than only when things seem nice -- tweet tweet -- they will dump. We've seen this from Donald Trump, therefore it comes as no real surprise. The cases of cubes, bans, darkness bans, and internal memo escapes take this beyond coincidence. Donald Trump knows the effect that large tech -- aka the Masters of the Universe -- have over public opinion, particularly during elections. There is a critical gap between the AT&T situation and FANG stocks. Donald Trump had to know the DOJ had no case in the AT&T issue. The situation is very distinct with FANG stocks, particularly Google and Facebook stocks. There's ample evidence of bias and censorship, which can be only a problem for the reason that Google and Facebook control a lot of their respective markets. I expect 30% downside for Facebook, Amazon, and Google stocks, and they will bring down Netflix along with Apple. Yet that did not dissuade Donald Trump. He had the DOJ press on anyway. If for no other reasonhe wanted to send a message into the press. There was no motive for the DOJ to attempt to block the AT&T merger. The DOJ had no instance, became thin as the case moved on, and got crushed in courtroom.
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Apple, Google, & Amazon Stocks Can Crater

Published at Tue, 04 Jun 2019 18:40:06 +0000

By CCN: Just how bad will things get for the FANG stocks amidst the DOJ antitrust probe? Bad. Worse than it has been.