Leading Crypto Markets Post Wrong Year of Monthly Cost Action on Record

Leading Crypto Markets Post Wrong Year of Monthly Cost Action on Record

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BTC/USD – Bitstamp – 1M, 2014

BTC and ETH Produce Most Red Month-to-month Candles in Calendar Year Ever

Throughout 2018, LTC posted modest monthly price increases in February and April, together with LTC rising by 23% and 28%. Overall, LTC dropped by 86% this past year. EOS saw bullish action during January and April of the this past year, where the market posted gains of 59% and 195% respectively. EOS dropped by 78% during 2018, slipping from $12.17 to close the year at $2.62per cent XRP’s sole green months for the year were April and September, which saw monthly gains of 66% and 74 percent. XRP posted an annual reduction of 82%, falling from almost $1.97 to finish 2018 trading at $0.36. Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock, Tradingview. In 2018, bitcoin center (BTC) watched the most red monthly candles in its history, posting three nine and green red monthly candles throughout the year. BTC gained 2% throughout the month of February, 33 percent April, and 21 percent July. The price of BTC dropped by approximately 73% throughout 2018, opening the year trading for $13,900 and closing 2018 at approximately $3,700.

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BCH, XRP, EOS, along with LTC Post Two Green Monthly Candles Throughout 2018

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XRP/USD – Bitfinex – 1M, 2018
ETH also posted its weakest annual operation during 2018 with three nine and green red monthly candles. The price of ETH gained 53% in January, almost 75 percent in April, and 19 percent in December of this past year. Overall, ETH shed almost 82% of its value during 2018, falling from approximately $735 to begin 2019 trading at $135. When looking at monthly market performance, 2018 was the bloodiest year in the history of the cryptocurrency markets. Of the seven biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, only three managed to create more than just two green daily candles throughout 2018. Despite performing better than several other crypto resources throughout 2018, XLM posted its worst acting year on record. XLM dropped 67 percent during this past calendar year, opening 2018 at $0.35 and shutting the year below $0.12.
LTC/USD – Bitfinex – 1M, 2014
XLM/USD – Bittrex (Estimated by Tradingview) – 1M, 2018
Based on monthly operation, the second most-bloody year at BTC’s history was 2014, through which BTC published four green and eight red monthly candles. In 2014, BTC dropped by 56% from $730 to $320. Stellar (XLM) has been the strongest acting cryptocurrency of 2018 when highlighting green candles, posting four green and eight red candles throughout this past calendar year. XLM started 2018 with a profit of 53% in January, prior to obtaining 103 percent in April, 44 percent throughout July, and 17% in September.
LTC/USD – Coinbase – 1M, 2018
Despite the substantial losses, 2018 included LTC’s instant most-bearish year on record. Throughout 2014, LTC dropped 88% from approximately $23.80 to $2.75, and only posted a single green monthly candle.