Report: Crypto Miners Bought 3 Million GPUs Year

Report: Crypto Miners Bought 3 Million GPUs Last

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What are the expectations about the creation of the GPU market? Tell us. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has said that the company is currently working to deal with supply difficulties. It has been reported  which Nvidia will disclose a brand new "Turing" card dedicated for mining. As bitcoin needs more powerful hardware gPUs are mainly used like monero along with ethereum.

GPU Costs to Get Up That Year

Nvidia also has said that GPU prices will still continue to go up in 2018, according to some publications. The hardware market Massdrop asserts the manufacturer informed them to anticipate prices to continue rising through the third quarter of the calendar year, as reported by many tech sites.
To accomplish our global audience, send us anews tip or submit a press release. Let us work together to help tell the taxpayers of Earth (and past) about the new, significant and remarkable information network that's Bitcoin. AMD's most important competitor, Nvidia, confessed that the requirement by miners had surpassed its expectations in the last quarter of 2017. In an attempt to ensure that gamers would have the ability to receive their share, the company requested retailers to limit the amount of cards which may be obtained at one time.   Miners usually buy the most current GPU's in bulk, leaving shelves. Over 3 million images cards have been sold to cryptocurrency miners at 2017, with sales reaching $776 million, a new report showed. As per a manufacturer, prices of GPUs will continue to increase even though expectations of decreasing demand in the mining industry, in 2018.    
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The access to memory for those graphics units is another significant aspect that can influence supply and price prices. Shortages of RAM have been reported. AMD has announced as the two major varieties of memory used in its RX cards, HBM2 and GDDR5, are in short supply, it would use providers to overcome the shortage. Over 3 thousand Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are marketed to cryptocurrency miners last year, Jon Peddie Research announced in its most recent record. The sales of cards also have reached $776 million, according to the industry research firm, which doesn't expect prices to go down in the near future. The analysis covers information of GPUs -- AMD, Nvidia and Intel. Recently, Advanced Micro Devices confessed shortages of its Radeon cards because of their use. The company intends to grow their production, as news.Bitcoin.comreported. The report also says that overall GPU shipments in Q4 have decreased by 1.5% from the previous quarter and 4.8% year on year, largely due to reduced sales in desktop and laptop applications. However, the index is still above the ten-year average of -3.40%.

Growing Mining Prices to Slow Down Need

As stated by the president of the industry research firm, "gaming has been and will continue to be the principal catalyst for GPU sales, augmented with the demand from cryptocurrency miners." Dr. Jon Peddie expects a decrease in that requirement, as margins drop with rising utilities costs, while the prices of GPU's return because of short supply. In addition, he said that those costs can be cancel by gamers but prices will not drop in the near future.